Trip Information


All divers must reserve seat online with a major credit card. 48 Hour Cancellation Policy-We require 48hours notice if diver does not give proper notice or no shows a $80.00 cancelation fee will be charged to your credit card. Guests credit cards will not be charged for the cost of the dive. Charter cost will be settled on the morning of departure on board with the Captain. Grand Adventure Charters L.L.C. accepts all major credit cards, check and cash.

Any diver not on the morning manifest will not be allowed to board. Necessary Gear including SMB with finger spool, Tanks and Weights, Sea Sickness Medication, proof of certification and Dive Insurance from Dive Assure/DAN/Tricare. If you do not have SMB with spool one will be available on board for a charge of $10.00 payable to the Captain. (This is required)

The Grand Adventure leaves promptly at posted time, please arrive at Long Bay Pointe Marina 45 minutes prior to departure time.


  • First understand that any trip at sea can be ruined by unexpected things like weather and mechanical issues. The Captain and Crew work tirelessly all week to make sure the vessel is ready but sometimes we can’t control the outcome. Weather is and will always be a factor in our sport and the upmost important thing to the Captain is your safety and comfort. So we know you will be upset a lot of the time with a call to cancel, but this is no reason to be unreasonable to the company. It’s not an easy call all the time and we are not always right but it is better to be on the dock wishing you were out there than on the boat praying to be back in port.
  • Please remember the Crew works for tips and tips only so as you see them working real hard to make your day enjoyable please remember them at the end of the day and give them a little something. The common tip is 20% of your charter cost but this of course is based on your discretion. (There is not an ATM any-where near the marina so please bring your cash)
  • Water, Coffee and coffee mess will be  provided but please bring a mug so we don’t waste plastic and paper.(If you forget your mug we have some real nice ones for sale.) We will cook a small lunch of Hot Dogs and chips and serve some fruit during the day, but if you would like something else pack it and we will have a cooler of ice to hold your goods along with a separate cooler of ice for your fresh catch if spear fishing.
  • M/V Grand Adventure is a fully licensed fishing vessel holding all permits needed to harvest your catch as well as the Capt. being a fully licensed fishing guide in Virginia and Maryland State waters as well as the EEZ. You are expected to know the rules and regulations pertaining to harvesting fish in our waters and a lack of doing so will result in the loss of privilege to fish on the Grand Adventure. So bring that spear gun and fillet knife!
  • Prepare yourself for the elements, weather can change in a matter of minutes out there so little things like a wind breaker, sweat shirt, hat, sunscreen… all these items can make the difference of a great day or an uncomfortable one. Don’t forget your towel to dry off with and even a nice dry change of clothes. If you have ever suffered from sea sickness please take a sea sickness medication the night before and the morning of your dive.
  • Remember we are all together on a boat and space is limited so police your area, pick up after yourself and be considerate of your fellow divers. The last thing we need are more trip hazards and someone getting hurt.
  • Be considerate and pay attention to all the briefings and REALLY LISTEN!!! The information being passed on is for your own safety and well-being during any emergency that arises.
  • GET A CHECK LIST: The night before your dive, double even triple check your gear to make sure you have everything in your bag. GAC will not lease, lend, rent, service or provide air fills under any circumstances. Check to make sure you have enough weight in your weight bag and your gear is fully functional. Standing on the dock next to the boat is not the place to find out your gear needs service.
  • And finally have fun, besides that is what we are here for!