Consoles (aka 1800 Line)

This wreck is in 85 fsw and is great dive. The wreck is deck side down and is only in-tact on the stern section. The prop is still there and is covered with a net. A diver can go inside here and look around as there are many holes from which to exit. Keep in mind this should only be done with the proper training. This wreck has many artifacts for those that wish to look for them. Vessel is believed to be a freighter 350 x 46 x 16 that caught fire enroot from Texas, to Hamburg Germany after picking up scheduled supplies in Norfolk. The crew battled the fire from the coast of South Carolina until she succumbed to her injuries off of False Cape near the Virginia – North Carolina boarder never making it to Norfolk. (This wreck actually lies in North Carolina but we do make the trip.) (N.C.)