COVID 19 update Phase III

Grand Adventure Charters will resume regular business starting 6/6/2020 but as you  should know we will have to implement certain procedures to comply with recent VMRC regulations. You must wear a mask while on board the vessel. Once aboard we will have several containers of hand sanitizer available and the crew will continually sanitize surfaces aboard the vessel. Also there will be several services we will no longer provide. 1 the bunk room will be off limits to guest so as to maintain a 6 foot distancing. 2. a communal mask bucket will no longer be provided but divers can wash their mask with the outside shower head, also if an individual uses the camera bucket to wash their mask we will simply empty the camera bucket and no longer provide that service. 3 Individuals should bring a lunch and drinks for theirselves as we will not be cooking lunch until the restrictions are lifted. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call Captain Matt for further details or to book a trip. LETS GO DIVING!!!