A 7,117 ton bulk cargo carrier sunk after striking a mine laid by the U-701 commanded by Kapitanleutnant Degan ( protégé of Erich Topp) on June 17, 1942. The starboard gunwale was awash after sinking and subsequently the wreck was reduced to an enormous pile of debris. Although there is little resemblance to a ship, the Santore is frequently dived. Interestingly, the helm was recovered only a couple of years ago by Mike Boyle and Lynn Castaganola. It makes a great place for fish to hide so it is a spear fishing treasure. Navigation can be tricky so a wreck reel is recommended. The U-701 was sunk off the coast of Cape Hatteras by two depth charges dropped by a bomber flown by Lt. Harry Kane. 35 German crew men survived the sinking but only 7 survived the ordeal at sea and lived out the remainder of the war in a P.O.W. camp. (Va.)

Depth: 60 fsw