Tower Reef

Tower Reef is located 0.6 nautical miles WSW of the Chesapeake Light Tower there are three excellent sites on this reef to dive. The first being the “TUG” E.B. Eskridge a tug boat donated by the N.N. Ship yard. She is fully intact lying on her port side. All port holes, doors, and hatches have been removed offering easy penetration to the diver that has just recently been trained to do such. The second is the E.B. Barge a large open top barge that is easily navigated but offers lots of structure to several sea creatures. The last being the L.C. Barge a closed top barge that offers easy penetrations and is one of my favorite inshore sites there are two large structures just off the Starboard side and stern. (Va.)

Depth: 60 to 70 fsw